My Child Speaks

My Child Speaks
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Tuesday 17 May 2011

Unspoken Message

I suppose there are many different views on why you self harm, some are more easily understood than others. The more ignorant can view it as attention seeking. Yes I'm afraid I did hear someone recently say that. A friend had slashed her wrists and  her CPN  (community mental health nurse) said it. I am not really sure myself but I can of course form my own opinions in order to try and understand it. Firstly it could be a cry for help, though I am not sure if I'm correct because my kids have done it where I can't see it. (to put it politely). So it is highly unlikely they would get any attention from that. Then I think there is anger and so much anger from being a victim of abuse that perhaps because they cannot project their anger onto the abuser they eventually turn on themselves. Punishing themselves or believing it's their fault? I myself have only once self harmed. It was shortly after my child's disclosure, I was emotionally in so much pain and so frustrated that I took a Stanley knife to my arm. The pain of it was a release, or maybe even a distraction from these emotions. I cannot explain it any other way. The only thing I do know is no one self harms for nothing, it is an unspoken message with many meanings but one answer. Help.

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  1. Yes, to express the unspeakable.
    Some because they are numb and want to feel. Others because they feel too much and want to release the agony of emotion.
    We are not usually taught how to manage or deal with strong emotions as children. especially if our care takers where afraid of their own emotions.


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