My Child Speaks

My Child Speaks
and the dark angel gave the white angel a feather from his wing, the only thing to destroy him, could she use it............

Monday 16 May 2011


When the abuse finally stops and there is no more need to fight to survive it. When they are left with the aftermath of this vile crime it then becomes a reality to be processed by the mind. I have watched the melt down of my children and it has been agonizing torture. Once they have disclosed and spoken those words there is no hiding or running away anymore, they have tried everything to escape their painful and traumatic memories. With a crime like this I don't think that enough focus is put on the mental suffering that these children and eventually adults go through. Reading blogs from other survivors this trauma to the mind is not repaired, it will carry on into adulthood, it is permanent. Taking years not to get better but to finds ways of coping. The not so lucky ones will use anything so they do not have to face what has happened. Alcohol, drugs and the ultimate escape suicide.We will never realise the damage that has been done to these children and make no mistake, caught or not caught the abuser will carry on with their life and the victims they are the ones who have the life sentence.


  1. Thank you so much for this post, it is all so incredibly true. I've been blogging an entire series on fallout, because it's something that most people completely do not understand. Thank you again!

  2. I echo Fortheboysfromthismum: the fallout is something, that unless you have been touched, most find hard to understand.
    We will not be silent!


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