My Child Speaks

My Child Speaks
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Saturday 14 May 2011

A Mask Of Justice

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I am mulling over a conversation I had the other day with a survivor on Facebook. We discussed our situations and the need for alter egos whilst using Twitter. I joked that we were like Super Heroes hiding behind our masks but in reality its not funny at all. We shouldn't have to hide behind anything. We are not the Abusers yet we are the ones forced into hiding our identity in order to protect and safeguard ourselves and those who we love. I cannot for the life of me understand how people stand for the way in which the Justice System treats the ones who need protecting the most. I neither understand how the vast majority can carry on in life accepting this without question.

I do wonder over the years has the system been corrupted to suit the Abusers, there are those who would argue that every one is entitled to a fair chance to prove their innocence but the Abusers are being given more than a fair chance in the way that they abuse the system.We are empowering them by giving them Bail and expecting them to follow our rules. So many times we hear about Abusers committing offenses whilst out on bail, really is this fair.

After all is said and done what fairness was given to the children or victims that they so violently abused. Do they give them a moment of thought whilst they carry out these vile acts, no. If they are found guilty the sentence is minimum. Why is it that Scotland has the Lowest Convictions in these crimes, its because Victims see no sense in reporting the crime to a system that not only Bullies but cannot give Justice. We are no longer living in the Dark Ages it is the Year 2011.


  1. sadly how true this is...

  2. Brave words from Mother4justice.
    We refuse silence.
    It has to change {}{}{}{}{}


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