My Child Speaks

My Child Speaks
and the dark angel gave the white angel a feather from his wing, the only thing to destroy him, could she use it............

Sunday 1 May 2011



I have been on Twitter, I suppose because it has given me somewhere to escape to and to express myself. Maybe it could be called my time out............. I feel there are just so many thoughts going round in my head almost as if I'm on the fast spin cycle of a washing machine. Using Twitter has helped me to release a little but I feel it's time to take it further and I hope you will join me, I look forward to your company and to share with you in the hope of making a difference to the way victims of child abuse are treated in todays justice system in the UK..............


  1. "So many the fast cycle of a washing machine!"
    I hear you Mother4Justice - Ditto!...and I soon hope to add my own thoughts to my web-diary. I just wanted to add my support - the more we share, the more we can learn from all these experiences and understand...with a view to preventing abusive relationships. Good luck and keep twittering!
    RainGirl xo

  2. The thing that I love most about the internet is that I found a whole community of friends to share my journey of healing from incest. No one has to walk down this path alone unless they want to. Sharing with others helps to ease the pain just enough to make it bearable.


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