My Child Speaks

My Child Speaks
and the dark angel gave the white angel a feather from his wing, the only thing to destroy him, could she use it............

Sunday 30 December 2012

Am wondering if people are still following this blog and just to let you all know..........................I am not done yet, wishing you all strength and happiness for 2013. Let it be the year for Truth, there's no more hiding as the silence will break....

Saturday 21 April 2012

Part 2 The Trail

Tell me what went wrong in this case? After over 2 years nearly 3 and over 7 Preliminary Hearings. The case was given a floating trail date. The wait and trauma of the Scottish Justice System was an unbelievable curse upon my children. The Defence ran circles around the Prosecution Team. Every time it went to court for a Preliminary Hearing there was a different Judge handing out sympathetic time to the Defence. The victims in this case had there lives put on hold as they were left living in Purgatory. The whole process can only be described as Inhumane.
Fact is my children became ill, their mental health suffered terribly, every time they thought they would get a date it was continued to the next Preliminary hearing.  My youngest became very ill and ended up in hospital with kidney problems as yet they are unsure what caused his illness, I just think his poor immune system could not cope with the mental cruelty of the Justice System. Throughout the court procedure it is the defendant in court who is seen and heard via his defence and our soft hearted judges listen to them.
When i would tell people about this whole procedure they just couldn't believe this possible. The Justice System wore my children down both mentally and physically.
On the day before the Trail they told us not to turn up. The same happened the next day. (Did you realise what you were doing to my children). On the third we were told to come to a meeting with the Deputy Advocate whom we had never met.

 She was given our case 2 weeks before the trail ???????
When we got there she was not there but the original Procurator Fiscal ?????
He did not really seem to know why he was there either or did he?

 We went over the case he told us how I would be ripped to pieces in the witness box and how the Defence would go after my youngest ( due to his vulnerability, mental health problems caused by physical and sexual abuse ).

The next day we were told not to turn up but meet the Deputy advocate again the following day. We were meant to be at court giving our evidence what in God's name was going on hear?

 We were told he had made a plea ?

 Our hearts lifted.

 We were ecstatic could this finally be The End!

Monday 2 January 2012

Please Avoid The Road To Justice: Part 1 (PreTrail)

Please Avoid The Road To Justice: Part 1 (PreTrail): It has taken me several weeks to come to terms with the final outcome of our journey along this very cruel road to justice. I could just ...

Part 1 (PreTrail)

It has taken me several weeks to come to terms with the final outcome of our journey along this very cruel road  to justice. I could just take a right turn and walk away from it all but that would not be me because I am always my own worst enemy. What drives me many would argue is insanity, I myself do it because I am a mother, these are my children and I see every day the damage that child abuse does. Over two years we waited, 7 preliminary court hearings all manipulated by the defence. Sadly during a time my children were coming to terms with their new lives away from their abuser. The reality and having to share their abuse with the police, the procurator fiscal and of course me. Maybe my anger blinded me to their capability of actually dealing with this undated and abusing procedure of trying to take their abuser to court.  I thought ultimately it would help them with their recovery, it was wrong that this happened, he could not do this and walk away from what he had done and of course the fear of what he might do to another child.
Again like the fool I am I encourage them.  I trusted the PF and the Justice System to stop this man but as always he was away head of us, over time it became apparent that he had been planning his defence for some time.  It shouldn't really of come as a surprise abusers are very clever.  Sadly after each prelimary hearing being continued and him getting more and more time it was like a kick in the face to the children and me. I can truly say that it had an immense impact on our mental health.  More so for my youngest who began to suffer more and more as time went on. When we left he was still so very young and he had just begun to go through puberty which is hard enough but so traumatic if you have been sexually abused.
They gave us a date even though there were things that the PF had not put in place even 2 weeks before the trail.  A floating trail too which meant even though we had a date it might not start on that date, could start the day after or day after that and all this uncertainty affecting my children mentally and showing the amount of empathy the court system has for victims of child abuse .  My child was to have a named supporter to sit with him whilst giving evidence and at this date the supporter had not been cleared by the courts, they tell you in the court leaflets you will know what Judge is taking the case but this was completely untrue right up to the trail date we never knew the Judge or even met the Deputy Advocate who was taking our case. Maybe because this trail was never going to happen.
To be continued 

Sunday 20 November 2011

Please Avoid The Road To Justice: Cruel Intentions

Please Avoid The Road To Justice: Cruel Intentions: Meeting with my destiny A future filled with cruel Intentions Your love is black and cold in daylight And I am blinded by your pres...

Cruel Intentions

Meeting with my destiny
A future filled with cruel Intentions
Your love is black and cold in daylight

And I am blinded by your presence
Don't you know me
Don't you recognize me
Yes I am raw, skinless
Look what you have done to me

I know you now
I see you now
Unmasked through the eyes of a child
I know you and I know all of you
I SEE you now