My Child Speaks

My Child Speaks
and the dark angel gave the white angel a feather from his wing, the only thing to destroy him, could she use it............

Tuesday 24 May 2011

Sharing Trust

I was asked to guest blog by Vales mom last week, I wanted to say thank you, thank you for letting me share with you and your audience it has given my self esteem a very much needed boost. I would like to say thank you to all of you, knowing you hear me is a great comfort to me. Especially those of you who have been kind enough to leave a comment on my blog. I am trying to regain my trust in humanity and your kind words are a great support. In my first guest blog I have taken a leap of faith and I am sharing with you a little bit of me during the day my heart broke. The website is here for you


  1. This post is for:
    This post threw me back to a time that I had tried to not think about for a long while.
    I completely identify with the words spoken. The pain, the horror and the tears.
    I tell mine through poetry, some through pictures, music, dance. No matter which, we are all one voice and we must be heard.
    We shout out for our boys (and girls) we stand beside you.
    I admire this persons courage and tenacity and the work she and others are doing, the advocates. Please keep going.
    If their is any justice in this world these boys will be heard.
    For the boys, we mothers hearts ache for you, we love you.

  2. thanks for your comment on my blog. I'm glad you're encouraged by what I wrote. I want to show hope...that nothing is impossible to overcome and that shifts and positive changes really do happen. Stay strong out there.

  3. Oh my sister, we hear you!! You are not alone, and we are here to carry the burden together. I'm so incredibly honored that you took time to write for my blog. It sends the message right back that our story is valuable enough to give any notice to. So glad I got to 'meet' you!
    ~Vale's Mom


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