My Child Speaks

My Child Speaks
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Thursday, 19 May 2011

Ignorance Mr Clark

Today has been a day of terrible disappointment to me. We are trying to bring about change by educating the general public on child abuse. All abuse is unacceptable. We are educating so they can arm themselves through knowledge and  face up to abuse enabling better protection for our children. Well slap me back down, because yet again the voice of ignorance rears its ugly head in the form of Ken Clarke. Typically he cannot find it in his political head to apologize for his hurtful remark on how "some rapes are not as bad as others". If he only knew what it is like to be raped, he would of been struck dumb before uttering such dribble. When are the goverment and its justice system going to stop making excuses for the crime of  Rape. Have the guts to face up to the impact of Rape on someone's life and stop belittling this Crime. Is it any wonder that in Edinburgh today a  member of a Paedophile Gang had his sentence halved after an appeal. Do you think that perhaps the Appeal Court thought what he did "wasn't that bad."

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  1. ANY violation and boundary crossing of another person is wrong. It is not up to Mr Clarke to decide what the impact of that might be. He is so far removed from the reality of our everyday experience. He should be given community service in our therapeutic settings and rape centers!
    As for sentencing-wake up the judges and Appeal Courts, we are shouting at you and you had better hear us.


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