My Child Speaks

My Child Speaks
and the dark angel gave the white angel a feather from his wing, the only thing to destroy him, could she use it............

Sunday 12 June 2011

We Met For The Last Time

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 Who the hell are you !
And the sensation of
Fear tingles up my spine
Flashing back to when we
last met !

I swallow my voice
Deep within a desperate
Gulp of air contaminated
By the scent of your presence

Flicker at Fight or flight
But I haven't got time
I find sanctuary by
Sliding inside my mind

As I lock you out behind
The thorny gate I see your
Filthy bloody fingers
Probing through

Hidden watching from
Far as you engulf my body
Crushing and constricting as
You entwine yourself around me

I step further back as the pain
threatens its way in
Focusing on your screaming lips
But unable to hear what is
So violently vomiting out of you

I reside myself to ride the
the waves of your anger
Praying that the storm will
calm and I shall return to me
Safely without too much damage


  1. Strong words.
    I put my hand over my mouth, because your words don't need adding too.
    But in this, we refuse silence-let our children go.

  2. wow very powerful. i can almost understand the meaning in some ways. its incredible thank you for sharing.

  3. Beautifully haunting, you are very talented x


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