My Child Speaks

My Child Speaks
and the dark angel gave the white angel a feather from his wing, the only thing to destroy him, could she use it............

Saturday 25 June 2011

Raining Troubles Away

Rain bursts from 
The summer time sky
Caught unaware we are
Sent into hysterical laughter
Like devilish kids up to
Silly, reckless nonsense

The noise of thunder
Cannot scare us
But invites a daily doze of
Welcomed excitement
Into our lives

Your blissful childish squeals 
Chase off our troubles
Sending them
Mixing and swirling with
Newly turned garden soil
And leaves cast from the tree washing together as they sweep Down a path 
Forced by the rain
 Hitting the kerb oversized raindrops
Bounce and splatter into
The gutter where they
Meet a timely end
  Down the greedy gurgling drain


  1. Ha Ha! Lovely, what a picture of fun. Wish I was there!
    I wish you many more such moments.

  2. I love this As always...XOXOXOXOX


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